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Spooky Tips for BIG Halloween

By September 30, 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments


Back to school in person is so exciting! Do you have any plans for this in-person Halloween yet? 🎃👻

If you do, here are some spooky tips for you all.

1. Always have a plan, especially on a spooky night. 👻🌙

A great party starts with great planning, oh yeah, we mean it. The host needs a good plan, and so do you.

Before leaving for the event, be sure to plan how you will get to and from the party.

Ask yourself, “Do I have a trusted friend to pick me up? Will I be able to walk home safely with a friend? Should I Uber or call a Cab?”

If you stay in residence, don’t forget to check with the wellness team to see if they offer a walking buddy service.

2. Mixin’ your own potion and know your limit. ✨

Every wizard has their own recipe, and so do you!

Make sure you know what’s in your cup before the first sip and what a standard drink is for different types of alcohol.

Always keep your drink with you, count your drinks, and stick to your own drinking capacity. Those are old but gold tips!

3. Eat good food before and while you are drinking. 🍗🍝

A few options to consider are protein, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies. The food in your stomach will help slow the effects of alcohol and ensure you have a long, fun night with friends.

4. What about some spooky mocktails? 🍹🎃

Alternating your drink with a non-alcoholic beverage is a simple way to enjoy the party longer, IYKYK. Give the host some suggestions or make one yourself. Here are some cool recipes you can try.

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