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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

By March 2, 2024March 8th, 2024No Comments

As the calendar turns to March, has the anticipation for St. Patrick’s Day begun to bubble up on your campus? Are you and your friends planning ways to join in the festivities? 🍀

It’s crucial to remember to celebrate responsibly. With the day often associated with pub crawls and alcohol consumption, finding a balance between enjoying the festivities and ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and others is essential. ✅👍

To help you navigate the celebrations while keeping safety in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide filled with tips for a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

1. Get festive! 🍀

Transform your space into a vibrant Irish celebration. Decorating your home or dorm room with green accents, shamrocks, and maybe even some twinkling lights can instantly uplift your spirits. The simple combination of food, music and a little-bit-of-everything green can help you and your friends feel festive and a part of the celebration while being safe. ✅

2. Non-Alcoholic cheers! 🍀

A memorable party doesn’t necessarily have to involve alcohol. This St. Patrick’s Day, discover the joys of non-alcoholic options that are just as festive. 👍🎉

Whether it’s crafting mocktails with ginger ale and lime, exploring alcohol-free beers and wines, or serving aromatic herbal teas, these alternatives can cater to everyone’s preferences while encouraging creativity and inclusivity.

3. Safety is NO Lucky Charm! 🍀

Relying on mere luck for safety, especially when it involves drinking and driving or participating in activities that demand your full attention, is a risk not worth taking! ⚠️

Ontario’s zero-tolerance policy for young and novice drivers is a reminder of the critical need for planning and making responsible choices. Ensuring a safe return home, whether through a designated driver, public transport, or ride-sharing services, is very important!

Some #DrinkSmartTIPS for safe celebration:
  • Enjoy a hearty meal before and while drinking to mitigate alcohol’s effects.
  • Pour and count your own drinks and avoid top-ups
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated and moderate your alcohol consumption.
  • Have a solid plan for getting home safely if you decide to drink. Always have a designated driver (DD) in your group or consider taking a cab, Uber, public transportation, etc.
  • Avoid sharing cups or joints – just do you!
  • Limiting yourself to ONE (1) standard drink per hour can help manage the effects of alcohol, allowing your body adequate time to process it.


The NEW Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines suggested that consuming more than 2 standard drinks per occasion is associated with an increased risk of harm to self and others, including injuries and violence. LEARN MORE.

Stay Safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 🍀🎉