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Student Resources

Everyone can get involved! Our student-led campaigns & resources are available in English & French and are designed to help students START the hard conversation about alcohol and safer consumption choices. DrinkSmart is a trusted off-campus community resource. Our Campus Partners & Student Leaders receive free toolkits, fact-based educational resources, marketing materials & campaign supports. The DrinkSmart program is designed for you to customize to your communities needs and become part of, your harm-reduction strategy.

Peer-to-peer support

You can help support the conversation between your friends

  • Share #DrinkSmartTIPS
  • Research and educate yourself first on alcohol and how it works in the body
  • Get to know your campuses policies & local laws
  • Be mindful of what you post on your social media accounts. Glamourization and FOMO are also forms of peer pressure
  • Use common sense when talking about alcohol or other substances, as not everyone does it
  • Participate in DrinkSmart contests, trivia games & campus campaigns
  • Volunteer & bring DrinkSmart to your campus by hosting an alcohol awareness week, trivia pub night, substance bingo, house parties 101, presenting to your class & many more fun ideas!

Download Materials

Bottle caps in background with DrinkSmart 5-pillars on poster
water + red solo cup + water on a green background

“Don’t Let Your Drinking Do Your Thinking” Poster


5-Pillar Poster Bundle!


Social Tiles Bundle

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Sign up as a volunteer or Campus Partner and help us raise awareness in your community:

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