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Walk, Don’t Run.

By August 28, 2023August 31st, 2023No Comments

Did you hear? Orientation events are happening!


Your first few weeks will be filled with days jam-packed with fun events and chances to meet other students. Whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer small gatherings, there’s something for everyone. So, get out there and make the most of it!

Speaking of making the most of it, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Drinking. Orientation week might have you thinking about partying, but many of these events are just as exciting without alcohol.

But if you choose to drink, it’s totally cool, too! Here are a few quick #DrinkSmartTIPS to help you have a safer experience.


Some events might allow alcohol consumption, but it is never mandatory. You do you! If you do choose to drink alcohol, how can you do it safely?

Plan your drink count and your ride home before your night begins. Don’t let anyone influence how much alcohol you consume and tell a friend where you’re going. Maybe ask them to pick you up later and remember don’t drink and drive.

Pour and measure your own drinks (or bring them) where possible. Knowing how much you are consuming can help you stick to your plan. Take the time to learn what a “STANDARD DRINK” really is. Not all drinks are equal.

Track the number of drinks you are consuming (yes, shots count). Just because you don’t feel it right away, doesn’t mean the alcohol is not in your body. Only time can sober you up.

Limit yourself to one drink per hour (or longer), giving your body the ability to process the alcohol. We know you won’t always be drinking a “STANDARD DRINK” so take your time, go slow, and wait 60-90 minutes between drinks.

Alternate your drinks with water (or a non-alcoholic drink) and eat before and while you drink. Choose foods high in protein and healthy fats – salt will only make you thirsty!

Remember you also can’t “soak” up the alcohol. Those late-night cravings are mainly due to the fact that you have impaired decision making.


Alcohol affects everyone differently and not everyone drinks (or has tried it before). Let’s be respectful to our own bodies and others. Take time to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Mixing alcohol with other stuff: Nicotine, Cannabis, Tylenol, and other legal or illegal drugs will change how the alcohol reacts and is even processed in your body. If you choose to do it, just choose one at a time.

For more information about alcohol poisoning, its symptoms, and what to do in such a situation, click the button below. Stay informed and make responsible choices for a safer and more enjoyable experience.