An illustration of a bear holding a heart with text #ShareYourCare (not your drinks).

Share Your Care

Est-ce pratique courante que de partager tes consommations avec tes amis? Le but du mouvement #ShareYourCare est d'inspirer les autres à partager leur amour en montrant à une personne qu'on se soucie d'elle le September 9 - National Share Your Care Day (mais ne partage pas ton verre)!

There aren't any hard rules about this. It really depends on who you are with. But think twice about sharing a bottle, cup, shot, or glass with someone.

I've got a solid immune system, so I have never cared. If I know them, I'm cool with it.

If someone asks you to share a drink, you don't need to refuse it, but it might be better to get your own cup! Sharing things that touch your lips can give you a higher risk of becoming sick or spreading other things.

Don't forget, if you are taking random shots, sips, chugs, or swigs, it will be hard for you to know how many you've had.

Avoid playing drinking games that involve sharing drinking cups. Any drinking game, can easily cause you to lose count of how much (and how fast) you are consuming alcohol. Consider skip'n the game and just enjoying the night with your friends.