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Party Host

By September 26, 2022March 21st, 2023No Comments


Don’t let hosting stress you out. You just finished a long week of studying! Here’s how you can throw a lit party to remember.

1. Have a theme

Breakout the party décor or throw back in time. Classic favorite movies are great to help you get started with your party-planning. Make sure to have lots of food options on theme too!

2. Get a blender

Grab a friend (who maybe knows how to mix a few mocktails & cocktails) and have them set up a fancy frozen fruit bar. Having lots of non-alcoholic options lets your friends choose what they want, a bartender helps pour drinks and a frozen slushie tastes great!

3. Music Playlists

Not every party needs to be filled with dance floors and spilled beers. Mix things up and have a more low-key chill night together. Slow down the party by changing the tempo and offering water to your guests.

4. Watch out for ghosts

Have a plan to keep your friends by your side. When things start to go the wrong way, they may ghost you or leave the party. Hosting comes with responsibilities, even at a house party. Watch for signs and let your friends crash on your couch.

5. Break the ice

Having a few social games planned out can help break the ice. Make sure to help your guests pace their drinks by keeping them off the games table. Let your friends sip and enjoy their evening.

Don’t forget to eat a full meal before your guests arrive and pay attention to what’s in your cup. As a host, you need to keep your cool, pay attention to your friends and become the sophisticated adult.