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By August 14, 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments

Wet or dry – won’t stop us from having fun!

Your first couple of weeks on campus will be filled with days jam-packed with fun events & new opportunities to meet other students. Join them all or choose what best fits you!

Orientation week might also have you thinking about drinking alcohol or feel pressured to try alcohol. If you do choose to drink, here are a few tips for making safer drinking choices:

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Know what parties you want to go to, who you want to go with and when you want to leave. Use the buddy system and stick together.

Ask yourself 3 questions: what, who, when.

  1. What parties do you want to go to?
  2. Who are you gonna go with?
  3. When do you want to leave?

Remember to use the buddy system and stick together.


Pouring your own drinks can help know what and how much you are drinking. Heading to a house party? Bring your own and avoid top-ups.


It’s easy to drink more than you think you are. Understand what “one standard drink” means. Slow down your intake by alternating each alcoholic beverage with water or another non-alcoholic beverage.


Drinking slowly can give your body time to process the alcohol. Alcohol affects everyone differently but your body needs about 60-90 minutes to process the amount of alcohol in “one standard drink”. The faster you drink, the higher your blood alcohol concentration or BAC.

Try this drink calculator


Drinking water and eating a good meal BEFORE and while you are drinking alcohol, are both great ways to help slow down how fast the alcohol is entering your bloodstream. Avoid salty snacks – they will just make you more thirsty!