Just for Fun

A dog wearing a green bow tie is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with two green pom pom.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Making plans for St. Patrick’s Day? We have put together…

Blue background with a red plastic cup with company logo and a green button to play now.

Test Your Vision

Play this game for a chance to win $500

three red solo cups with different amounts of liquid in them

Drawing the Line

Not all drinks are equal. Knowing how much is in…

A DrinkSmart poster of a slogan contest with black text on a yellow background.

You could WIN

We believe learning should be fun! So go ahead and…

cartoon brain on treadmilll

Get your #ExamJam on!

It’s tough to get motivated. Now more than ever! But…

cartoon owl with tired looking eyes and a cup of coffee with the drinksmart logo

Infused Beverages

Make sure you pick only 1 – Alcohol or Cannabis…