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Campus PRIDE

Do you believe in creating a safer place? And safer habits?

Safer drinking during Pride Month celebrations and COVID-19 restrictions, re-openings, virtual celebrations, and small gatherings might take a little planning - but it is well worth it!

1. Stay connected with your friends (alcohol is a depressant and can alter your mood. Tell your friends, roommates, or parents how you are feeling)

2. Know your limits (Your blood alcohol level "BAC" will continue to rise, even after your last drink. Go slow and alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water)

3. Don’t drink and drive (boat, bike, walk or even fly a drone! Your body needs time to sober up.  It takes about 60-90mins to process the alcohol in "One Standard Drink" - find out what a standard drink size really is CLICK HERE)

4. Plan, pour or bring your own drinks. (Alcohol or no alcohol, always know what's in your drink. If you want to have a drink on Zoom with your friends, go ahead, but plan how many you want to have before you start drinking)

5. Eat and drink water, before you start drinking. (Have you already started drinking? Consider ordering delivery vs takeout) 

6. Take the quiz and talk about it with your friends:

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