A dog wearing a green bow tie is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with two green pom pom.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Making plans for St. Patrick’s Day? We have put together…

Blue background with a red plastic cup with company logo and a green button to play now.

Test Your Vision

Play this game for a chance to win $500

three red solo cups with different amounts of liquid in them

Drawing the Line

Not all drinks are equal. Knowing how much is in…

An illustration of two orange camels facing each other.

Any day can be a dry day.

Have you checked yourself or checked your friend’s drinking habits…

A colorful graphic with text “Welcome Back Week!”.


Welcome Home! Welcome Week! Get your #DrinkSmartTIPS. Signup for email…

Woman looking in fridge with wood and beer bottle

DrinkSmart TIPS

It’s okay to consume. It’s okay to be social. But…