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Fact or Fiction? Spot the Drinking Myths

We hope that this extra knowledge can help you make a responsible choice and don’t let your drinking do your thinking.

It doesn't matter how many questions you get right or wrong. It is never safe to drive, even after one drink. If you do choose to drink (and that is okay) know your limits and always plan for a safe ride, walk, bike, or lift - BEFORE YOU START DRINKING! 

No drugs or alcohol permitted for drivers 21 and under and anyone with G1, G2, M1 or M2 driver licence. Impaired is Impaired. Zero Tolerance penalties for young and novice drivers - MTO CLICK HERE


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Zero Tolerance "ZERO BAC" Myths & Facts 

Myth 09: Guests have been drinking and using drugs at my party, but once they leave it’s not my problem.

Fact: If your guests leave your home and drive while impaired, you can be held responsible if they injure themselves or someone else.

image of a beer mug and a cannabis leaf and the text 1+1 does not = 2

Myth 10: Using cannabis and alcohol together is the same as having a couple of drinks.

Fact: When taken together, cannabis and alcohol can result in unpredictable reactions increasing your risk of collisions.

NOTE: this information is only a guide.

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