image of space with the white words that read may the force be with you
April 30, 2021

May the force be with you

5 ways to celebrate May The 4th

Did we get your attention? Don’t worry! We will share a few ways to celebrate May The 4th (Star Wars Day), but first we want to wish you good luck as we part ways for the summer.

May the force be with you

Maybe you have recently decided to drink less or feel like you “have to” drink because you’re going back home for the summer. Don’t say yes if you don’t want to. Nobody has the right to force you to drink alcohol.


Keep calm.

Try refraining from alcohol (or other substances) just to reinforce your self-control. Then when it comes time to say “no”, when everyone else is doing it, you will remain calm and confident.

Star Wars Day - Here are 5 things to do:

  1. Have a watch party at home
  2. Lightsaber eGames (it must be a thing)
  3. Make a Baby Yoda Mocktail
  4. Cook Star Wars themed foods
  5. Dress up!

Harness the power of The Force!