March 1, 2021

These are resources for you to use.

Working with Post-Secondary Schools from across Ontario, we have compiled some helpful resources for you. Are you outside of Ontario? Some legal laws, just might be a little bit different for you – contact us so we can help you out:


  • Legal drinking age in Ontario = 19 years old
  • Legal limit to alcohol in your system when operating anything – bike, car, scooter, e-bike, hover board (if you are 21 or under, learning, or heck anytime really) you must have ZERO = BAC (click to learn more about Ontario’s Zero Tolerance policy- MTO)
  • Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines – Click Here
  • Canada’s Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines – Click Here

RESEARCH – Click Here


YOUR CAMPUS RESOURCES: (More Links Coming Soon! Promise)

If you or a friend need help or are in a crisis, please call 9-1-1


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