5 Tips

May 30, 2022

Thinking about heading out or meeting up some friends at their place?
These quick tips can help you have a good night out without it going too far. 


#1 - Pour or Bring Your Own

Knowing what's in your dink is important. Pouring your own drinks or ordering singles from the bar will help you.

  • Mixing your own drinks helps you know how much and what's in it
  • BYOB to a house party can help you from drinking more than you want to
  • Avoid top-ups (you can lose track of how much or what's in your cup)
  • Stay in control of your drink at all times

#2 - Plan

Plan a safe night before you start drinking. Everyone wants to have some fun, but a few simple things can help you:

  • Plan who you are going with
  • Plan how many or how much you want to drink
  • Plan how much you want to spend $$
  • Plan for a safe ride home (avoid walking alone, use the Safe Walk program at your campus)
    • designated driver (yes, this goes for biking too)
    • cab, ride share, or bus
    • friends couch

#3 - Eat & Drink Water

Set yourself up before you start drinking. Grabbing that pizza, bowl of pasta and bottle of water will help you in the long haul.

  • Eat before and while you are drinking. It will help you from feeling sick later on because the alcohol you consume will be absorbed slower than had you not eaten
  • Alcohol dehydrates you. Alternating non-alcoholic drinks (H2O is best) between alcohol drinks will help you stay hydrated (#DYK that nasty hangover pounding headache is a sign of dehydration)

#4 - Count & Pace Yourself

Keeping track of the number of drinks you consume is important. Limit yourself to 1 drink every 60-90 minutes. This can help you pace yourself for a good night.

  • If it tastes good, sip it. If it doesn’t, why are you even drinking it?
  • Give your body time to digest the alcohol. It needs 60 mins to process a "standard drink" so if you don't know what that is, plan for 90 mins between each drink
  • Know your own limits (every drink and everyone is different)
  • Pace yourself by alternating each drink with water
  • Avoid playing drinking games
  • Stick to your PLAN

#5 - Don't Mix

Mixing alcohol with anything is just a bad idea. Yes that includes energy drinks, cannabis, caffeine, medication, and illegal drugs.

  • Cannabis affects everyone differently and will have different levels of impairment depending on the type and amount and how it is consumed
  • It is illegal for a bartender to mix alcohol with an energy drink
  • Caffeine is an upper and alcohol is a downer
  • Alcohol can change how the medication (prescription or over the counter) reacts in your body