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August 17, 2020

Frosh Week (no, Month!)

We are getting excited! Your peers are done putting together the best Frosh-Orientation-Welcome Events together for YOU!


Here are a few tips to help you feel prepared and make a memorable first week. It will be a little different around campus this year...but that doesn't mean you can't get the most out it. Here are some #DrinkSmartTIPS to help you have a safer experience.

Drinking virtually, playing games online with friends, or heading out? Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. You might be in a new place and be meeting new people. Watch your drink and avoid driving, biking, or walking alone at night.

2. Meal PLAN
Plan to eat before and while you are drinking. Nobody wants to start drinking on an empty stomach! Having dinner before you start drinking slows down how fast the alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. Stock-up your fridge with foods high in fat and protein.

3. COUNT or SKIP a few
It's OK to skip a round or two. Everyone is different, but in general it takes your body 60 mins to process 1 standard drink (bottle of beer, shot, small glass of wine). Mix in a bottle of water or non-alcoholic drink between rounds.

4. Don't MIX
Alcohol is a substance and mixing it with other "things" like over-the-counter medication or prescriptions can change how they react in your body. Cannabis and other illegal drugs can also lead to serious side effects.

5. Know the SIGNS
Dropping things and acting silly can make you feel like the "life of the party". But vomiting and blacking-out are signs of alcohol poisoning. Knowing the BACCHUS maneuver (shown below) can mean the difference between life and death (and we think that's important).

  1. Raise one arm. Roll them toward you
    Bacchus Maneuver 1
  2. Guide their head to rest in front of the arm (not on it) and tilt up
    Bacchus Maneuver 2
  3. Tuck their other hand under their cheek to help keep their head tilted. Check on them and keep the airway open
    Bacchus Maneuver 3
  4. If you have ANY CONCERNS for someone call 9-1-1


DON'T FORGET to form a POD
If you are moving into a residence or studying at home this year, either way it is important to form relationships with your new classmates and roommates, but don't forget to keep in-touch with your friends & family.

If you are going to a party or having a few social online drinks during welcome week - keep and eye out for each other! It's no fun drinking alone, but alcohol is a depressant and your mood can alter how alcohol affects you.


Learn where and how to use your campuses Health & Wellness Student Services supports or chat with a qualified councilor : Good2Talk.ca

Share your safe party planning tips with us TAG #DrinkSmartTIPS or drop us a note!

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