A dog wearing a green bow tie is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with two green pom pom.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day decorationsMaking plans for St. Patrick’s Day? We have put together some tips to help you from getting #shamrocked.

1. Get festive!

Be creative and bring the fun atmosphere into your home/residence room. Making it a celebration with food, music, and green can help you feel festive and part of the celebration, while being safe.

2. Stay motivated!

You can still have fun even if you are planning a sober celebration or a celebration safely at home. The fear of missing out (FOMO) can trigger temptation.

3. Kiss me I'm sober.

Irish kisses and shamrock wishes, might be better left for tomorrow.

4. Relying on luck of the Irish?!

Drinking and driving (biking, walking, snowboarding....) is not something you want to leave to luck.

If you are a novice driver or under 22 years, Ontario has a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for alcohol or drugs in your system. Always have a plan, even if you are just grab'n takeout.


Dont' get #shamrocked this St. Patrick's Day


  • Eat before and while you are drinking
  • Pour & count your own drinks and avoid "top'n up" your drink
  • Alternate with water in-between each drink
  • Always have a designated driver or consider ordering delivery
  • Avoid sharing cups or joints - just do you!
  • Remember to follow local public health guidelines and distancing if you are in a small gathering

What is binge drinking?

Drinking 4 to 5 standard drinks in less than 2 hours. It might seem like endless pitchers of green beer all-day-long is a “normal” celebration, but it really is not that good for you and green beer won’t make you invisible to leprechauns.  

This type of drinking is called binge drinking and can lead to alcohol poisoning and affects your memory, thinking, judgment, and feelings.

(Want to learn more about standard drink sizes – Click here)

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