tow young people siting in a park with masks taking selfies
January 7, 2022

Alcohol-Related Sexual Violence

Alcohol does not cause sexual violence. However, the likelihood of sexual violence occurring is increased in a situation where alcohol is being consumed.

Many survivors feel that they are to blame - YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME. Alcohol is not an excuse for assault and does not mean that it was your fault.


  • If a person is not capable of consenting due to the use of alcohol (or drugs) they cannot legally give their consent. Without consent, it is sexual assault.
  • Spreading sexual rumors and taking unwanted photos or videos, are also acts of sexual harassment.
  • Keep an eye out and watch for signs. Spotting unwanted or inappropriate behaviour between people can be uncomfortable. Use your best judgement and seek help if you see something. important. Check with your campus student services for Bystander Intervention support & training.
  • Sexual violence can be any sexual act or act targeting a person's sexuality, gender identity or gender expression.


BYO - Anything!

Ordering takeout and meeting at the park? Pick-up or bring your own coffee/water/non-alcoholic beverage. Date rape drugs can easily dissolve in many beverages and often do not change the taste, colour or smell.

How do I know?

You may not know that you have been drugged. The drug usually goes unnoticed, and effects can happen very quickly. If you know what the warning signs are, you can get help or take steps to help someone else:

  1. Feeling/looking/acting drunk (despite having consumed little to no alcohol)
  2. Sudden change in body temperature (flush, sweating, chattering teeth)
  3. Passing out
  4. Appearing physically upset or crying
  5. Appearing confused or helpless and having little or no memory of what has or is happening around them

This information is put together by your peers and is only the START to a healthy conversation. Please speak with someone who is trained to help. RESOURCES