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First-ever drink

Are you thinking about trying alcohol or having your first-ever drink? We have a few tips to help you have a memorable time.

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Step One :

Eat before you start drinking. Food helps to slow down the absorption of the alcohol into your bloodstream. Choose foods high in protein or healthy fats. It is also a good idea to drink water. Alcohol dehydrates you, so ensure your body has what it needs before you start drinking.

Step Two :

Have a plan and be prepared to say no. You might not know how many drinks you want to have before you go out, but you should know who you want to be with, where you want to go, and how you will get home safely. Peer pressure is hard but stick to your plan.

Step Three :

Knowing what to order is tough. Start with a low alcohol-by-volume (ABV %) or even a tall cocktail with juice. Mixed drinks that are carbonated and served in a shorter glass can cause you to drink faster and those little bubbles can help the alcohol get into your bloodstream faster.

Step Four :

Pace yourself. It takes about 60 mins for your body to process the alcohol in one “standard drink.” (What’s a standard drink, you ask?  12 oz. 5% beer, 5 oz. 12% wine or 1.5 oz 40% liquor.)  However, we are typically drinking more than a standard drink in one glass. So, pace yourself by following these tips :

  1. Make a choice to mix juice or water to the liquor
  2. Alternate each alcoholic drink with a non-alcohol beverage (water)
  3. Eat while you are drinking and after your stop
  4. Avoid doing shots or playing drinking games

Giving your body 60-90 minutes between each drink can keep you from getting drunk too fast. If you are drinking quicker than this, remember the alcohol will continue to be processed by your body even after you stop drinking. Only time can sober you up.

Take your time. Start low and go slow. Your first drink can be a moment you will remember, a milestone or celebration into adulthood. Let’s make it a positive memory.

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