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Get your #ExamJam on!

It’s tough to get motivated. Now more than ever! But you are not alone. Your mental capacity to just get it done is one thing. But to get it done on time, is just plain hard. 


So, let’s make it fun!

  1. Start a checklist and set rewards for yourself. After you have completed a certain number of tasks, take a break.
  2. Turn off your notifications! What is more stressful than starting your morning off with 100+ dings! When you are ready – you can check your phone. Trust us, they will still be there.
  3. Create a daily routine that includes taking breaks, drinking water, and eating. Something as simple as a 10 min walk with the dog can revitalize your brain waves.
  4. Stay social and do it safely! This could mean picking up the phone and talking with a friend or video chat for 10 mins with a family member. Keep bouncing ideas off others. It can help you stay engaged and motivated.

It is your responsibility to know your own body and what can make you feel better.

Sometimes we might be tempted to choose alcohol to help “unwind”. At first, it might help take your mind off things. But remember, alcohol is a depressant and can change how you think, feel, and act.

So, take that 10 min break, throw on your coat, and give these extra resources a quick read as you walk around the block!

  1. Canada’s low risk drinking guidelines
  2. What is a standard drink? Why does it matter?
  3. What is binge drinking?

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