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April 11, 2021


Potential effects of consuming alcohol and cannabis at the same time.

Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. But have we talked about what the potential effects of consuming alcohol and cannabis at the same time are, or might be?

The “Ganja” talk.


Cannabis affects you differently than your friend.  You can also consume it in very different ways – which can have an impact on how you feel emotionally and physically, as well as how you behave.

We shared a few myths and facts with Phoebe, a student at Humber College, and then talked about it.


Q: Did you know there were so many types and strains of cannabis?  

A: Not a clue! I knew that THC was what got you high and that CBD was more for medical use, but honestly, I thought weed was weed. Now that I know there are so many different varieties and combinations, I am glad that we can talk to someone at a legal cannabis retail’s like going to the LCBO and asking about the different types of vodkas.  


Q: Have you ever tried an edible before? 

A: Not yet. They look so yummy and I am worried I might eat too many! 


Q: Did you know that when you ingest cannabis-infused products (cookies, oils, butters, chocolates, gummies, popcorn, tea or other beverages.…..) it might take up to 2 hours before you feel the onset of the effects/benefits? 

A: OMG no! I thought it was the same as drinking a beer. I didn’t realize that it would be so slow or that it could be more intense and last longer than smoking. That is very important to know, especially when I am ready to try. I will definitely start low (no more than 2.5 mg) and go slow. 


Q: How do you think you and your friends could be safer if you do want to consume cannabis?  

A: I think if we made a plan to know how much we wanted to do that night (or how high we wanted to feel) and where we would be (somewhere comfortable and safe), that could really help. Also, I like having a friend who is sober around me. It helps me feel comfortable and they can help make sure we all get home safe.


Thank you so much for sharing your STORY with us Phoebe!

We know that cannabis is legal now and 4/20 is no longer a protest but more of a celebration. Just like alcohol, it is important to understand how cannabis can affect your body so you can make the right choices for yourself.

image of cannabis gummies with arrive alive drive sober message
image of cannabis gummies with arrive alive drive sober message
image of cannabis gummies with arrive alive drive sober message

Photo Credits: arrive alive DRIVE SOBER and Rethink Canada

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Potential effects and risks of consuming alcohol and cannabis at the same time:

  • More THC in the blood – Alcohol can lower your blood pressure and may cause your blood vessels to expand, allowing more THC to enter the bloodstream.
  • Faster speed of intoxication – You may feel the effects faster (and stronger) than if you were only doing one. This can cause you to "hit a wall" or feel "the dizzies" and can be risky if you do not know how much you are consuming.
  • Longer lasting intoxication – Your body still needs time to process the alcohol (about 60-90 mins for each standard drink size), plus your body will also have THC to process.
  • Increased frequency of consumption – Example, smoking cannabis may lead to feeling thirsty (dry mouth), which may lead to you drinking more.

Other stuff you should know: Canada’s Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines

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