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August 8, 2022

Campus Life HACKS

For some this week still means moving away from home for the first time. There are going to be many changes this year, but you can still get the full experience of post-secondary student life!

Here are some HACKS for you! It's going to be a great year!!!

1. Unpack Your Stuff!

You might not feel at home yet, especially if it’s only been a couple of days since you moved in. That’s totally natural. A good way to start fixing that is to start with little changes to make your new place feel more familiar.

Begin by unpacking your bags and we don’t just mean hanging up your clothes and making the bed. Put up pictures of family and friends, setup a media station, make a comfortable workspace (add a lamp or pillow), and set out things that remind you of home.


2. Attend Orientation Events & Complete Those Online Sessions!

Not so you can recite all the rules by heart. Nothing’s worse than feeling like you’re alone and lost in a sea of people (or Avatars).

Check out whatever your school’s version of Welcome-Orientation-Frosh is and find out what student services, programs, supports, and clubs are active on your campus. This is a great opportunity to meet the people who spearhead those programs. (your peers!).

Take a stroll through campus socials and participate in those online events. You’ll probably win some amazing prizes!


3. Get Those Silly School Supplies!

You will actually need them! Here is a list of things we think you will forget:

  • Notebook (You can't just scroll through class. Write it down, it will help you!)
  • Something to write in the notebook with (A pencil or pen)
  • Phone charger (Keep this on you at ALL times)
  • Candy, food, water (Keep this on you at ALL times)
  • Laptop & charger (Keep this on you at ALL times)


4. Get Lost, Just a Little!

You might be living in a brand-new city, all alone for the first time. This is a really exciting thing, because it means you get to make new discoveries every day. So, when you have some time, just take a walk. Go somewhere your regular day-to-day schedule wouldn’t take you. You never know when you’ll find the best hidden Thai food your city has to offer right around the corner.


5. Know The Basics!

A coffee shop, campus store, grocery store, and where to get a bag of rainbow Chips Ahoy at 3 am. Don't be shy to ask around for local late-night delivery places too! These are all things you’re going to need to know, so you might as well get them ahead of time.

Oh, don't forget about any campus or residence alcohol policies. Just because you can drink alcohol in your residence room, or have something delivered, doesn't mean it's allowed.


6. Balance. 

Moving or staying home, you are starting something new and it is exciting! You are going to want to "Get Into It" but make sure you are respectful and mindful of current #PhysicalDistancing and other COVID-19 related procedures in the community.

Make sure you remember to check-in back home, with your family, and old friends (just once in a while). They will appreciate it and if you're running out of money at Thanksgiving, you always know when your weekly call with the ‘rents is coming up…

For those of you who are on your second, or third (or fourth or fifth!) go around, let us know how you get back into the groove of school. Share 'em with us!

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